Every Human Being
must be protected in times of war

We provide free legal aid to people affected by war

Every Human Being
must be protected in times of war
We provide free legal aid to people affected by war
Our Mission
In times of war we strive to protect the rights of as many people as possible by seeking to enforce the norms of international humanitarian law with legal instruments.

— The name “Every Human Being” refers to the humanitarian principles enshrined in the Geneva Conventions of 12 August, 1949 that constitute the foundation of respect for the human person in cases of armed conflict.
What We Do
We operate across countries, territories, and jurisdictions to help all war-affected individuals defend and restore their rights. Our programs include:
  • Legal Aid to People Affected by War
    We assist with restoration of documents, acquiring temporary protection status in EU, issues regarding governmental payments and any other legal issues arising during the war.

  • Ongoing war crimes
    We search for missing people, help to release civil hostages, provide advocates for those detained, consult war crime victims and their relatives.

  • Prisoners of War
    We help to find out their whereabouts, restore communication, get proper medical care, as well as facilitate including them in exchange lists.

With Your Help
We Can Do More
Take action and contribute to our fight for human rights.
About Us
Every Human Being is an independent human rights organization founded in 2022 as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We believe that every human being is entitled to the protection of their rights guaranteed by international and national laws.

We are a team of 10 people united by shared values. We work together toward a world in which the rights of every human being are fully respected and valued, even in times of war. We cannot stop the war, but it is in our hands to protect the most vulnerable using legal instruments.

  • Polina Murygina
  • Oleksii Ladukhin
    Head of the Legal Department
  • Anna Makh
    Head of Fundraising
Contact Us
If you or your loved ones have experienced human rights violations during the war, contact our hotline on Telegram or write an email. If your particular case is not listed within our programs, you can still text us, and we will do our best to find a way to help you.

Email: help@everyhumanbeing.info
Telegram: t.me/every_human_being

If you want to contact our team for cooperation, fundraising or other opportunities, email us at: team@everyhumanbeing.info

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